Stay the right side of the karma police with our mouthwateringly mellow blend of whole spices and coconut and Boom Kitchens will pass on the good vibes with a 10p donation to the FRANK Water project in India.

This curry kit contains
Boom Base™ – our magical onion based gravy stock
Boom Spice Mix – blend of 11 freshly ground spices
Boom Whole Spices – for an authentic fresh taste
Boom Coconut – SO2 free

Shopping list
To create your Karma Korma curry you will need the following ingredients (serves 2/3 kit):

3 tbsp of veg oil
2/3 large chicken breasts – or a vegetarian/vegan alternative
A garlic clove
100ml single cream (or quality natural yogurt)
A bit of sugar & salt
Small handful of fresh coriander (optional)
Something to serve it with (rice/naan/chapati)